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My house. My rules. Our pleasure. When you enter my world, you must accept its conditions. My conditions. Don't worry though, I can be demanding and generous. Why is that possible? Because I'm Lady G. You can come in if you know, how to behave. If not, you will need to be taught. Here are some g-spots of my code that will let you know who I am. Are you ready? Let’s go then.


Authenticity to my religion. I'm not pretending. Many roads have led me to where I am. I am filled with strength, majesty and indomitable willpower. I love the luxury of being myself, I love giving this luxury to my subjects. I will help you generously break the shackles of convention and social norms. With my guidance, you will enter the glorious world of pleasure and authenticity that lies behind my door. Do you dare?


Gaya is the guide of the soul. For her, being a dominatrix isn't all about studs, latex, and a whip. I'm not like the others. I'm special. In my sessions, in the performances that I create - the spiritual aspect is present everywhere. I work with energy; I use tantric and meditation techniques to enslave not only your bodies but also your souls. To lead you through the path of total enslavement and devotion to true, uninhibited freedom. With me you will find your sacred grove, where you will walk naked freely, enjoying its sweet, forbidden fruits.


The stage is my guilty pleasure. I drop what little modesty I have left and let my ego blossom. The stage makes me grateful. Gold and tinsel are my deadly sins. I work as a professional art director throughout Europe. My fetish performances are delicious shows that combine what is best in me. Fetish pedigree combined with my many years of experience result in one-of-a-kind performances. I graduated from the Warsaw Film School. I am involved in directing, staging and choreography. I have worked as a dancer for the National Opera, Teatr Buffo, Disneyland Paris, the international production of the musical Moulin Rouge, as well as in many commercial productions throughout Europe. Therefore, our shows have both an immortal, energetic fetish soul, but also a thorough stage preparation at the highest world level.

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